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Exhilarating Exmoor
exhilerating exmoor accommodation

It is difficult to know where to begin in Exmoor – on the coast or in the country? Although some holiday areas claim they combine the best of both, most are not as fortunate as Exmoor, where the facts do the talking!

A large part of the Exmoor area is designated as a National Park, which extends for nearly 270 square miles. What is more, further huge stretches are owned by the National Trust or protected as Nature Reserves and Heritage Coasts, so there’s a four-fold guarantee that these landscapes and seascapes really are of a truly exceptional quality.

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One of the greatest thrills of Exmoor is that moment when you arrive at the crest of Dunkery Beacon, having climbed the stony track way from Dunkery Gate. Sheer and complete exhilaration bursts on you as the stunning view, hidden up to now, suddenly opens out in all its glory. You gaze around, lord of a vast circle of heather moor and farmland, smoothly rolling hilltops and tree-lined combes, long runs of coast and glimpses of the far hills of Wales rising thirty miles to the north beyond the glinting waters of the Bristol Channel.

It is this amazing scenic variety – combined with a comfortable size – that sets Exmoor apart. You will not have to travel great distances to appreciate Exmoor’s many faces. In the morning, you can walk the coast path. By lunchtime you will be enjoying a crab sandwich at a harbour side Inn. In the afternoon? The choice is yours. There is so much to explore – characterful villages and country towns like Dulverton and Dunster, thickly wooded beauty spots like Watersmeet and the Glen Lyn Gorge, hidden combes and historic sites.

As you will discover from these pages, it is all accompanied by a great range of outdoor activities and things to do. You can pack so much into a holiday or short break in Exmoor.
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Explore your Five Senses!

Sight – A great view to exhilarate you: the vast patchwork circle of Exmoor from its highest point, the summit of Dunkery Beacon at 1,704 ft

Sound – The mighty, grunting roar of a stag in the
autumnal rutting season of the moor’s wild red deer

Touch – The smooth weight of a nice 5-lb trout in your hand as you slip it back into the waters of Wimbleball Lake

Taste – A cool draught of tangy farmhouse cider, essence of apples and sunshine, on a hot afternoon beside the shallow River Exe

Smell – Southern Wood on the East Lyn River after a springtime rain shower: a heavenly savour of wet earth and leaves, pine sap and primroses

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