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EXMOOR Zoo at Bratton Fleming is a special place that enables visitors to get up close and personal! It is an ideal family venue, especially for the kids and it is always changing, so no repeat visit is ever the same.

The award-winning zoo in the rolling valleys of North Devon is home to more than 200 species of birds and animals. See cheetah, puma, maned wolves, sitatunga and the famous "Exmoor Beast" black panthers, together with unique and rare smaller animals for which the zoo provides natural enclosures. Carefully planted shrubs and trees along the winding zoo paths keep visitors wondering what is next, providing a relaxing and natural atmosphere.

Exmoor Zoo is different, neither a wildlife park nor a city zoo, but a more friendly and contact-orientated zoo that has grown into the North Devon countryside. Visitors get to meet the animals, join in the handling sessions, touch a snake, hold a spider, feed a wallaby and learn about the animals during talks and feed times. There are even some "free range" animals to encounter on your way around the grounds! Spring and summer bring many baby animals and the chance to meet and stroke some of the new arrivals.

Fourteen staff, a head keeper and an education officer all endeavour to instil the importance of looking after the environment and respect for the habitat of native and exotic animals. There are now more than 35 breeding programmes to maintain the captive population of endangered species.

After a stroll around the zoo and a visit to the tropical house and souvenir sales area, the African Cafe provides relaxed seating and welcome refreshment for more than 75 diners, or there is a picnic area and children’s playground for those who prefer.

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Address:-    Bratton Fleming, North Devon, EX31 4SG

Contact:-     Reception.

Telephone:- 01598 763 352